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The UK’s only dedicated fibre-optic broadband comparison website
Welcome to FibreCompare.com, a dedicated fibre-optic broadband comparison website. Here you can quickly find and compare all the major fibre broadband providers and their fibre, broadband and TV packages. We show you the very latest deals along with expert analysis, provider guides and fibre broadband industry news.

Our company is run by people who know a little bit about fibre broadband services. All our staff have worked in the broadband and telecoms industry over the past 18 years and are here to provide impartial, easy to understand, package information and guides. We aim to keep things simple but detailed enough that you can get the right fibre or broadband package for your home (or business!) and know that you have all the facts to make the right decision.

Fibre broadband has been installed across the UK by Openreach and more and more homes and businesses are being connected every month. Fibre broadband is now available to 90% of homes in 2017 as a result of Openreach’s ongoing fibre network roll-out.

Using FibreCompare.com’s finely tuned availability checker, you will be able to search, compare and switch to the broadband or fibre provider of your choice. FibreCompare.com will show you fibre and broadband packages from Sky, BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, EE, Plusnet, John Lewis, Post Office, Now TV and Vodafone.

We will also show you package information about TV bundles from TalkTalk TV, BT TV Virgin Media and Sky, sports TV bundles from BT Sport and Sky Sports, as well as online streaming packages from the likes of Amazon Prime, Netflix and Now TV.

FibreCompare.com earns commission on any sales made via our website links or on-site adverts from the featured providers. The payments help us to keep our information and systems up to date, as well as our service free to use.

Please use our links to sign up when you make your choice and decide to switch to your chosen provider. We hope you find FibreCompare.com easy to use and that you find the right fibre broadband, home phone and TV package for you.

The FibreCompare.com Team