Fibre Broadband

Vodafone Fibre Broadband up to 76Mb

UK mobile giant, Vodafone, entered the home broadband market 3 years ago and has quickly risen to become one of the most competitively priced operators of fibre broadband. It recently became the first UK internet provider to guarantee minimum speeds, offering a discount to customers if fails to meet this minimum speed.

Vodafone offers two fibre broadband deals – Vodafone Superfast 1 (up to 38Mb / guaranteed speed of 25Mb) and Vodafone 2 (up to 76Mb / guaranteed speed of 55Mb).

Vodafone also offers call packages with its fibre broadband service so you can add unlimited evening and weekend calls or Anytime UK landline and mobile calls.

Vodafone supplies a free fibre router that can also be controlled from your mobile using Vodafone’s Smart app. The lights on the router can also be switched off.

Vodafone contracts are typically 18 months in length.

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